Saturday, 26 July 2008

What does it all meme?

Tag! You’re it... Or rather I’m it – at least for the rest of this post – because AiP has been tagged to take part in The 12 Movies Meme by Piper at Lazy Eye Theatre.

Inspired by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody’s recently announced programme for the New Beverly Cinema, Piper is asking other bloggers to imagine their own ideal twelve-night movie stint, preferably with some sort of thread uniting the whole thing.

Now, I’m addicted to making music mixtapes (in fact, don’t even get me started on that or I’ll end up sending you one) but I’ve never tried to do a movie mix before. So let’s see what happens, shall we? (Please note: AiP cannot accept responsibility for any minds blown by its challenging selections.)


Things kick off with two people kicking off: Michael Douglas because he’s just not going to take it anymore in the rather brilliant and starting-to-be-forgotten Falling Down; and Margaux Hemingway in the already-forgotten but still genuinely startling 70s rape-revenge thriller Lipstick.


We’re staying with the 70s influence for The Last of Sheila, an ensemble masterpiece combining mind-bending mystery with camp nastiness par excellence. Then Taboo brings the subgenre up-to-date by forcing a cast of Hollywood teens into the formula, despite the fact they’re barely old enough to drink, never mind have anything to be blackmailed about. Somehow it all still works, however.


Change of pace! Two films from the Far East conjure up an atmosphere of melancholy and loneliness mid-programme: the must-see fantasies 3-Iron and Spirited Away will whisk the viewer into completely new worlds.


The fantasy-vs.-reality theme continues with 1944’s The Curse of the Cat People, a mesmerizing non-sequel to Cat People, which also paves the way for Bridge to Terabithia, another, even more devastating film about the power of fantasy.


Let’s lighten the mood – but darken the tone – with the underrated and stylish nineties remake of A Kiss Before Dying, wherein Sean Young (in her best role) investigates the murder of her twin sister. And then there’s more snooping around in the only real horror film of the season, Lucio Fulci’s hypnotic Lizard in a Woman’s Skin.


Finally, Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil – surely the best Hitchcock film Hitchcock never made – provides a stunning climax to a fortnight of films you really should see, while Woody Allen’s sly, Welles-informed Manhattan Murder Mystery lets you slink off into the night with a smile on your face.

Wait! What? I have to tag five more bloggers to complete the challenge? OK then:
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elgringo said...

I love, love, LOVE Manhattan Murder Mystery!

Also, The Curse of the Cat People looks like it just might change my life.


Chick Young said...

Ho ho brother! What a list. I accept the "Shall-ange" as Inspector Clouseau would say. More later, must sleep.

Chick Young said...

Okay. So, great list Ross. It reflects your tastes and your personality (inasmuch as I can guage those things based upon your writings). I am MOST pleased to see The Last of Sheila on your list. A major fave of mine. To be able to see it on the big screen would be fantastic! I accept the challenge and should have a post up in a few days. Later mate!

Chick Young said...
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Chick Young said...

Sorry, that was my deletion. Couldn't paste my link. Just wanted to let you know that I have complied sir! List is up at T&A.

Piper said...

Falling Down should be a Friday night drunk movie. It's a fun movie.

I've never seen The Last Of Shela but now I must.

And I've never seen 3-Iron but the fact that you grouped it with Spirited Away makes me want to see it.

Thanks for participating.

Amanda By Night said...

Falling Down and Lipstick just might be the best double feature EVER. And I mean that!

I'd love to show Killer Party and Blood Diner somewhere, or Killer Party and Rich Girl... or Killer Party and anything else!

elgringo said...

Also, Falling Down and Lipstick? That rocks!

Adolfo said...

Hello again, Ross!

It' a shame that I've not kept up blog appearances, but since facing a day of incarceration and lack of http communication, I won't 'nag, nag, nag', but will 'blog, blog, blog' and update instead!

As for 'Falling Down' and its misanthropic love letter to an ever criminally changing world, I can simply recall the one line that made my chubby childhood pre-man breasts jiggle due to my giggles: "How are you enjoying your meal?"

As for "Lipstick", it taught me valuable lessons. Stray away from experimental music, for composers and fans can be capable of the most atrocious acts and are able to be declared insane, thus considered not guilty.

It's a shame [rec] hasn't been released in the states yet, but we can hope. Can't we?