Tuesday 25 March 2008

Gory Graduation continues

“Way back in the mists of time - back when the internet was pretty much in its infancy ... there was plenty talk about lost slasher flicks from the golden age of the subgenre. Two titles kept popping up: SUMMERHOUSE SLAUGHTER and GORY GRADUATION ... As you can see from the image above, a novelisation (by Randy Sykes) of GORY GRADUATION does exist, and below is an exclusive extract from that book! So, did the movie ever get made? That’s one more mystery to unravel...”

That’s according to Justin Kerswell of the ultimate slasher movie reference site, Hysteria Lives! (Seriously, check it out if you haven’t already.) Of course, as Justin admitted, the book was an affectionate hoax, but his faux Chapter 15 was a little gem of nostalgic slasher spoofery, and first introduced us to Gory Graduation’s now iconic axe-wielding killer decked out in full cap and gown. Chapter 18 quickly followed, and then I contacted Justin with a Chapter 5 I’d written myself, picking up the ongoing story, which he kindly published.

All this jumping around between chapters makes Gory Graduation the Kill Bill of slasher movies... and now there’s a Chapter 21 (written by me!). Visit Hysteria Lives! to check it out, or navigate using the handy chronological links – or Director’s Cut, if you will – below:

Chapter 5 (by me) – In which nerdy Trish stays late after school and ends up losing more than her Laverne & Shirley sticker collection.

Chapter 15 (by Justin Kerswell) – In which slutty Sherri loses her head in the boys’ locker room.

Chapter 18 (by Justin Kerswell) – In which guy-candy Sam narrowly escapes a brush with the graduation day slasher... or does he?

Chapter 21 (by me) – In which an innocent (or is it?) slumber party turns into a gruelling night of terror for Toni, Lupe and Joyce.

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