Thursday, 17 July 2008

Baby just got back

Aren’t homeless people lucky? They never have to move house, which, as surveys will tell you, is the most stressful of all life’s experiences, beating out bereavement, bankruptcy, sawing off your own leg in a basement dungeon, and homelessness. Believe me, I’ve tried all four and, you know, they weren’t all that bad in comparison. (Although, in retrospect, it wasn’t the best of days, I must admit.)

Anyway, yes, dear hangers-on-my-every-word, my recent relocation was the reason behind AiP’s extended vacation. But now I’m back. From outer space. And that sad look upon your face will surely disappear when I tell you I’ve got a review of Shark Swarm in the toxic waste-leaking underwater pipeline, as well as the rest of the long-awaited Top 5 in my “Horror That Made Me” strand (note to self: remember rest of Top 5)... not to mention an All-New Feature! revisiting the TV movie-inspired thriller stories I wrote as a teenager. Yes, another pointless series, even though I haven’t even finished “Horror That Made Me” yet! I know... just call me crazy. Now... time for a sandwich.

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elgringo said...

Moving is awful. I'm getting ready to move two states over and I'd rather be homeless in California than a millionaire in Utah.