Sunday 7 December 2008

Unconvincing shark attack of the day: The festive edition!

Today in USAOTD, we take a look at a shark attack sequence that relies purely on clever editing and a technique known as “flying shark teeth comin’ atcha” to achieve its effects... Someday I’ll write a proper, full-length article about the brilliant, highly TV movie-like Jaws: The Revenge but, for now, let’s concentrate on its memorable opening scene, featuring Sean (son of Martin) Brody:

Picture it... Amity... 1987... It’s Christmas time but – oh no! – a buoy-type-thing has got all tangled up in the bay!

“No worries, I’ll poke it with a stick.”

“Argh! Flying shark gnashers!”

“Argh! No arm!”

We interrupt this shark attack to bring you shots of a joyful Christmas scene for maximum irony. (And, why, yes... Christmas IS annual!)

“Hello! Still missing an arm here! Perhaps if I lean tantalizingly over the edge of the—”

“Argh! Flying shark gnashers again!”

Sean’s been swallowed whole... and now the boat’s sinking. On the plus side, it looks like he managed to fix the buoy.

But what a MESS!


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I saw this scene I was quite upset. I'm not ashamed to admit that... kinda.

That actor was on Doogie Howser, so maybe that's why I freaked out. Like, how could anything bad happen to someone on Doogie?

Ross Horsley said...

Actually, as a scene, it still gets my heart pounding. I think it's his screaming and the fact that the shark drags him out of the boat. I mean: is nowhere safe?

Anonymous said...

I always hated this scene. It still gives me nightmares. Did Sean have to lose his arm? You'd think he would have been pulled into the water immediately. Then to watch him scream in vain and be drowned out by the singing of Christmas carols was just too much.