Saturday 29 March 2008

AiP goes on the LAMB

Everybody’s flocking to LAMB, the internet’s significantly-sized collection of frequently-updated personal sites on the subject of cinema – or, as they call it, Large Association of Movie Blogs. Much snappier, don’t you think? And Anchorwoman In Peril! is now a proud, proud member. I got me my very own Q&A session, membership badge and... well, there’s no T-shirt but I probably wouldn’t wear it anyway. I’m no one’s clothes horse.

Anyway, if you love movies, blogs, movie blogs or even just baby sheep, head on over and prepare to spend several hours lost in the amazing assortment of links on offer.


Matt said...

Welcome to the club! We used to make new members get everyone else coffee and then prove their worth by beating up homeless bums. Unfortunate we've had to stop because coffee prices have gone up.

Chick Young said...

Ross Matey! It was from your blog that I joined up. Thanks for the tip! Hail Kolchak!