Wednesday, 4 February 2009

They’re dropping like flies

Today I strike another title off the list of unseen horrors I compiled for Sham Shocktober. Yep, I done readed Vince A. Liaguno’s terrific slasher novel, The Literary Six... I mean, anyone can watch a movie, right? But you have to be some kind of genius to read a whole book and stuff.

Luckily, The Lit 6 is about as much fun as you can have reading anything other than your sister’s secret diary. For my full review, head on over to Retro Slashers – and be sure to top it off with a visit to Liaguno’s own website where you can watch the book’s trailer. Yes, a trailer for a novel... It’s so very now! You can probably even “download” it to watch on your PDA, or something. And, by PDA, I refer of course to your new-fangled Portable Dishwashing Answerphone... Erm, I think.

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