Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dardos 2!

While I’m currently taking a little time off to recover from my second dose of psycho-clownified terror in less than a week (thanks to Amusement, which is really rather good), I couldn’t miss saying a big thank-you to Friend Mouse of the aptly named blog Friend Mouse Speaks (or “squeaks”, surely?!) for sending another Premio Dardos award my way. Now, if only someone would turn these things into actual golden statuettes, I’d really have something to dazzle the neighbours with.

In this case, it’s a particular honour, as Friend Mouse is a fellow LAMB and, from the looks of things, all-round good egg, whose utterly charming and knowledgeable blog mixes witty TV recaps, reviews of all sorts of movies, and a genuine love of chocolate bacon. And how could anyone not love a blog whose label list manages to incorporate Eighties music, Gorillas, Martinis and Nathan Fillion?

Anyway, be good, stay out of trouble, and I might post a review of Amusement for your, er, amusement... Isn’t life just thrilling?!


Anonymous said...

Congrats -- if anyone deserves it, it's you... but post a new blog soon, I'm going crazy! :)

Friend Mouse said...

Let's see, my dream date: sipping gin martinis with Nathan Fillion while the sounds of Modern English and/or Ultravox waft over the hi-fi ... now if I could just work a gorilla or two in there somehow it would be perfect! Thx for the kind words - FM