Wednesday 25 March 2009


Check out some of the new titles made available as downloads and “custom-made DVDs” from the recently opened Warner Archive...

So let’s see, that’s:
  • Kristy McNichol in a dream-vs-reality psycho-thriller directed by Alan J. Pakula (and the poster is fantastic!)
  • An extremely offbeat-looking doggy-dunnit, starring James Garner and Katharine Ross
  • Another of Hammer’s post-Psycho mind-warpers (you may remember I enjoyed Hysteria)
  • A nasty-looking noir featuring the brilliant Dana Andrews and some heavy psychological undertones
  • Troy Donahue + Reincarnation + A killer on the loose!

I’ve not seen any of this lot but, unfortunately, Warner won’t send their DVDs to the UK so it may be a while before I do. Something to do with region-coding or something. Grr. If you’ve seen any of them, be sure to let me know what I’m missing (if anything).

Let’s hope I don’t have similar problems catching up with the new “slasher TV series” Harper’s Island, as previewed by Slasher Speak, which promises “13 episodes, 13 murders!”.

And, if you are in a slashery mood today, you could head over to Retro Slashers and read my recent articles, Great Slasher Mysteries Volume 1 and Volume 2... Who knows? Maybe you can solve ’em!


Anonymous said...

They Only Kill Their Masters is a bit of let down, but of course I would interested to hear any opinions you would have should you see it!

I have Dream Lover but have never seen it. My die hard Kristy McNicol friend (Yes, they exist!) would kill me if he knew! :)

Cinema Du Meep said...

Thank's for pointing this out Ross!

I was hoping Warner was going to make this available to stores like the one I buy for, but it seems like they are going to be exclusive for awhile.

I'll try to hold out until they do, but I am really tempted to buy these 4:

You know, for a good Kristy McNichol fix. Both VERY different movies but both equal 80's goodness.

I mean who can't resist the 70's films of Robby Benson?!

I'm a sucka for all things 80's & teen. Plus former cutie Ally Sheedy's in it. And it's Oxford! Can't. Resist.

Ross Horsley said...

Good picks there, Michael. I hadn't spotted Just the Way You Are on the list, but I LOVE that film! Even more reason why Warner need to get these available to the UK.

Amanda, I had a feeling They Only Kill Their Masters might not be that good... *Sigh!*

Cinema Du Meep said...

Just The Way You Are blows You Light Up My life out of the water.

Long live the cinema of Kristy McNichol!

Aubyn Peach said...

Did you complete Harper's Island yet? I enjoyed it but, in a fun twist for me, i figured it out pretty quick, so i got to spend my time trying to watch for clues to see if I was right. I don't guess correctly that often, so I was pretty excited about that. What did you think of it?

Ross Horsley said...

I really enjoyed Harper's Island, Aubyn, and was pleasantly surprised by its various twists, most of which suckered me (unlike you!). I liked the characters you were supposed to like, and thought the whole thing had enough edge to keep it gripping and not feel like it was playing too safe. Good TV!