Thursday 14 August 2008

Happy birthday Hysteria Lives!

It may seem like just yesterday that it was running around in a nappy and puking up its orange juice, but my favourite slasher movie site is now very nearly old enough to actually watch some of those nasty films it reviews. This month marks ten years of Hysteria Lives! So let's raise a glass to many more, as well as the thrilling news that Justin's mesmerizing musings may soon be being turned into a book. Yes, just like the Bible... only better! And with more naked sorority girls. Happy bloody birthday Hysteria!

While we're spreading the love, I've made another discovery recently - no, not personal hygiene but Amanda By Night's Made for TV Mayhem, a blog with a title so good I instantly blogrolled it and vowed to one day even visit the site. Luckily, it turns out to be every bit as fabulous as it sounds, and Amanda's even reviewed some of the same obscure TV movies as me, so she must be good. Or I must be. Or maybe we're both good, except one of us always lies, while the other always tells the truth. Anyway, the point is it's a great website... Or perhaps I'm lying... Bwa-hahaHaaHAAA!!! *COUGH!* *Splutter!* Oh, I really must give up those damn menthols.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Hysteria Lives. Great site, run by an incredible (and adorable) guy. When his forum goes back up (hopefully next month) you need to visit and join. They are like family.

The only site I love more than Hysteria and yours, of course (which I visit frequently now that I've found you) is mine! THANK YOU so much for mentioning me here. I feel crazy famous.

We SO need to do a He Said/She Said thingy on some great TVMs one day!

And you're the liar! Or yeah, maybe it's me! I'm SO confused!

Keep up all the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Group hug! Thanks for the love - it's very much returned (love this site and Amanda's). Also, good to hear that the forums are due to return - I didn't know!

Anonymous said...


Yes, Joseph is supposed to come up with some kind of new forum (another one, yes!) in Sept. he said. Hopefully, it will still link to your site and Yippee! We can start anew!