Monday 9 February 2009

Dardo talks!

Amanda (of the incomparable Made for TV Mayhem) sent a Premio Dardo award my way today, showering Anchorwoman In Peril! with so many kind compliments that I feel like Kate Winslet in Oscar season. So now I get to nominate five other blogs I think deserve the award... In fact, I don’t just get to nominate; by taking part, I actually spread the award, just like an STD. And by that I mean a Sensationally Transmitted Disease!

Anyway, thanks Amanda and, since you named Cinema du Meep in the same breath, I’ll have to start thinking outside the blog when it comes to my other five favourites:

Freddy in Space – Seriously, just how prolific is Johnny Boots?! I think the guy writes in his sleep. Not that I’m complaining because he really knows his horror and always has plenty of interesting stuff to say.

Giallo Fever – Looking for intelligent discussion of ultra-rare Italian thrillers, plus posters and reviews you simply won’t get anywhere else? Look no further than this site run by an Edinburgh-based PhD student.

Linus Loves 80s Horror – And I love Linus! Evocative reviews that mix personal reminiscences with insightful commentary.

Deep Dish – Then, when I’ve had enough horror, it’s Golden Girls and naked boys all the way with this ultra-fun, seriously gay blog.

My So-Called Strife – Every blogger has a secret cyber-crush whose musings they’re inexplicably addicted to. This is mine.


Deep Dish said...

Thanks so much for the Premio Dardo, Ross! I'm glad my "Deep Dish" and naked boys provide an escape for you from all your horror and slasher movies. You made my day!

Have a groovy week!


Anonymous said...

Anything I can do to spread the Anchorwoman love!

You made some great choices by the way!!!