Friday, 26 September 2008

A Very Special Episode

AiP is one year old today! I know that’s no major achievement in the grand scheme o’ things but, when I first posted a review of Someone’s Watching Me! twelve months ago, I had no idea I’d be able to sustain a blog for any length of time, so now I’m celebrating with a few friends... Look, there’s Morgan on the karaoke, and Tori and Lauren are getting on like a house on fire. But, oh Roddy, what have you said to Brian the Shark? He doesn’t look too happy. You’d better go and mingle with Nameless Majorette #3 instead!

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by over the last year and continues to pop in; I hope you’ve enjoyed your visits as much as I’ve loved reading your comments. Here’s to another terrific and horrific year, and the swift approach of everyone’s favourite month: SHOCKtober!


Stacia said...

Happy blogbirthdayversary!

Anonymous said...

Morgan is SUCH an attention whore!

Congrats! I love it here. Keep it up, if just for the little people like me! :)

Fox said...

Congrats! And While I just started coming here recently, I hope you keep it up b/c you crack me up. That's all for now... more comments to come, I promise!