Tuesday 30 September 2008

Bless my barleycorns, it's...

Wow, there’s been nothing to celebrate for ages and then suddenly everything comes along at once. Today, hot on the heels of AiP’s star-studded first birthday bash, it’s AiP’s 100th post! (I think someone deserves a telegram from Adrienne Barbeau – and it’s not you, slacker!) Not only that, but the month of Shocktober is very nearly upon us... Sheesh, I think I’m suffering from excitement fatigue!

During Shocktober, many horror blogs traditionally rise to the challenge of reviewing a movie a day – or even two movies a day. Or, if you’re Final Girl, eleven movies. Here at AiP, however, I’m afraid there ain’t gonna be any of that shit. I mean, I work in a busy public library, for god’s sake. There’s no “working from home”, no “duvet days”, and no time to watch and write about a new movie every single day.

So, instead, October at Anchorwoman In Peril! is SHAM SHOCKTOBER! Every day I’ll be writing about a horror movie I haven’t seen – be it an all-time classic that hasn’t really appealed, or a quirky cult item I’ve never managed to get my mitts on. Either way, it’ll be a film I consider notable for having so far slipped through the net (and, funnily enough, I’ve never seen The Netspooky!).

Your task, if you have seen the movie in question, is to let me know whether it’s actually worth seeking out or not. Because, at the end of Sham Shocktober, I’ll buy, watch and, who knows, maybe even review the five titles that garner the most recommendations. Or, if no one’s left any comments, the five cheapest ones on Amazon.

Fair deal? Sham on!

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Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea. I bet you'll find some awesome movies this way!

I wish I was smart and could think of something theme wise to do, but my brain hurts when I work it too hard. Like, walking and chewing - forget it!