Wednesday 19 November 2008

Unconvincing shark attack of the day: The revenge!

Last time on USAOTD we saw what happened when an overconfident tour guide found herself up shark creek in Red Water... Today’s unpersuasive date with toothy destiny comes from Shark in Venice – not a film I particularly liked, but I have to admit it has its moments, including the following... And check out those plastic urns!

It’s an intimate moment on one of Venice’s less impressive bridges.

“Oh Johnny, where’s your class?”

“Go and stand pointlessly close to the water’s edge.”

“OMG! Watch out for that Unconvincing Shark Attack!”

“You’re flying!”

“And I’ve completely vanished in the next shot too!”


Johnny said...

Must see this movie! Enjoy your blog, check mine out if ya get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that ruined the date, or was she relieved?