Tuesday 4 November 2008

You know you’re a slasher fan when...

  1. You think TCM stands for Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  2. You know what NOES, MBV and SPM stand for.

  3. You write a post entitled “Happy Birthday to Me” whenever your horror blog has an anniversary.

  4. You have a horror blog.

  5. You wish other bloggers a “bloody birthday”.

  6. You know which state Haddonfield is in.

  7. You know what they did last summer.

  8. You’ve seen Terror at Tenkiller.

  9. You’ve heard of Terror at Tenkiller.

  10. You enjoyed Terror at Tenkiller.

  11. You can get from Holly Hunter to Jason Alexander in only one degree of separation.

  12. You still know what they did last summer.

  13. You got mad when Happy Birthday to Me was released on DVD with a new musical score.

  14. You recently petitioned Lionsgate to reinstate My Bloody Valentine’s missing gore.

  15. You know (and live by) Randy’s three rules.

  16. You’ve seen Tom Hanks’ movie debut.

  17. You know which films contain the raft massacre, the fishhook penetration and the subway stalking.

  18. You don’t consider Scream to be the first ironic slasher.

  19. You’ve seen more javelin-related murders than you have javelin-related sports events.

  20. You’ll always know what they did last summer.


Anonymous said...

This is priceless.

And I have nothing more to add. Of course, I'm not that clever anyway!

This totally made me smile! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this!!!


beedubelhue said...

Bravo.Well done,hahaha!

Kaijinu said...

at fact 13