Monday 15 September 2008

Boring DVD menus

I’m currently going around telling everyone I know that I’m just so into BDSM at the moment... which, as I’m sure they all realise, is short for “Boring DVD Screen Menus”.

The dawn of DVD ushered in a whole new era for home video viewers, where your purchase doesn’t just come with some boring old movie on it, but also all kinds of thrilling special features – from directors’ commentaries and deleted scenes to lists of stars’ previous sexual partners (yeah, thanks a lot, Seann William Blabbermouth). But one special feature rises above all others in its featured specialness. I’m talking about the Interactive Menu, second only to Chapter Selection as the one extra that gives me the biggest bonus-content boner.

But sometimes good bonusesesses extras go bad. And that’s when you get... Dun-dun-DUH!! Boring DVD Menus...


Anonymous said...

I'll let you have Rehearsal for Murder because it's just so excellent. But couldn't you just die over the one for Madam? Foot fetishists make DVD menus too!

Stacia said...

Boring DVD menus kill me, because I sit there with my remote blindly trying to find something to click -- something! anything! -- until I give up. And sob. Just a little.

Ross Horsley said...

The one for Exclusive is almost OK... If only they hadn't decided to COVER EVERYTHING UP WITH BIG BLOCKY WRITING.

PIPER said...

Nice post.

The last pic looks bootlegged. I think you can create that with a Mac.

I also like the menus where all the visuals are on different planes and they all get moved into the screen separately. It's supposed to amaze, but I ain't no fool.

elgringo said...

Jeez, that Rehearsal for Murder menu actually made me sick to my stomach.

The feature I loathe is the "RECOMMENDED FILMS" or the "IF YOU LIKED..." feature. They always recommend whatever shitty DVD release that particular company feels needs a boost. Thanks, but I've already seen Monkey Trouble and I don't remember it having much to do with The Basketball Diaries.