Sunday 12 October 2008

Day 12: The House Where Evil Dwells

Today's Sham Shocktober movie has a great title, which is possibly why I've wanted to see the film ever since I first heard of it. Just try sounding it out for yourself: The House Where Eeeeeevil Dwells... Notice how the word evil seems to linger on your tongue as you say it? Just like peanut butter. Eeeeeeevil peanut butter, that is!

The House Where Evil Dwells sounds a little like the template for The Grudge. It's about an American family who move into a house in Japan, only to discover the place is plagued by hostile supernatural forces borne of some horrific past tragedy. But it's the unique manner in which these spectres apparently make themselves known that accounts for why I want to see this. Read any review and you'll come across references to giant monster crabs and screaming faces appearing in bowls of soup... Wow! If I were a ghost, that's exactly the sort of spooky shit I'd want to pull off. The Grudge with extra pincers and haunted soup? Count me in! And, while we're at it, where's the remake? Is Jan de Bont available? I want my souped-up CGI eeeeevil soup!

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Anonymous said...

Edward Albert + Susan George = AWESOMENESS!

Well, The House Where Evil Dwells is only OK, but those actors... wow. What friggin' star power.


No, I mean it!