Thursday 23 October 2008

Sham Shocktober update

Snippets, news nuggets, “snuggets”... call ’em what you will... As Day 23 of Sham Shocktober looms (with a little-known gem of a movie choice, I assure you) AiP is taking a quick time-out to post a few short thoughts.

ITEM! Remember I was going on about The Literary Six the other day? Turns out that its author, Vince Liaguno, has a blog called Slasher Speak, the masthead of which alone is enough to send any slasher fan into an all-out geek fit. It’s snarky and intelligent and makes me all the more enthusiastic about reading his novel. (Check out his interesting take on Jeepers Creepers if you don’t know where to start.)

LINK! Need to practise your voting ahead of the big election? The 1980s Slasher Cup is underway (I know this because cool kid Amanda By Night clued me in via her awesomely awesome blog) so visit daily and pick your favourite slasher from the two suggested. Together we can identify the Best Ever 80s Slasher! And maybe even make the world a better place.

PLEA! Until recently, AiP had six official followers (see right) but now one of them has apparently deserted... Was it something I said? Come back! I can change!
D’OH! Why is it that I can’t seem to post comments at Retro Slashers?


Anonymous said...


I can post without being logged on to Retro's wordpress site - so I wonder what the trouble is and I wish I could help better, but you can also create a wordpress account just for that blog. I wish I could explain it better, but it's not so difficult. I did it for Kindertrauma because although I post on Retro, apparently all wordpress blogs are seperate and require its own registering, if that makes sense.

Wow, I just confused it more, didn't I?

Isn't The 80s Slasher Cup fun? Just wait until it starts to narrow down. Then it gets TOUGH!

Oh, I read Slasher Speak. I am really going to get that book now! Thanks for that piece of info!

Ross Horsley said...

Wow, you're one fast-responder, missy! But, more importantly, your advice... makes sense! So thank you. I'm heading over there later to register and embark upon a possible commenting frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at work I tend to skip around to some blogs and sites when I'm feeling the burn!

Plus, while I'm offline at home, I'm trying to make sure I can make it through the night and I tend to internet-overload!

Comment away on Retro! I'm looking forward to your thoughts!