Monday 20 October 2008

Day 20: The Literary Six

OMG! How unpredictable, original and thrilling am I? You were all like, “Whoa, I wonder what movie’s coming next in Anchorwoman In Peril’s stupendously awesome Sham Shocktober list”... But guess what? Number 20 isn’t a film at all. It’s like totally a novel! ’Scuse me while I blow... your... MIND!

I’ve seen a lot of slasher movies (although not yesterday’s Funeral Home) but, unless you count Christopher Pike, I don’t think I’ve read too many books that could be considered slashers. I guess the rather simple formula doesn’t easily lend itself to the expanded format of a novel, where things like characterization and motivation are usually a little more thoroughly discussed. Still, it’s an intriguing concept, and Vince A. Liaguno’s The Literary Six, which looks to be a conscious attempt to translate the genre to the page, is getting some pretty good reviews.

It’s set, naturally, on the remote island of Shelter Rock, where six former college friends have gathered to relive their exploits as a bitchy campus clique at the mansion home of one of their number, who’s now a bestselling author. Before you can say “vengeful killer”, a storm has cut off the island and the friends are disappearing one by one at the hands of a mysterious figure from their past. Will they survive this Savage Weekend? Or will it be Curtains for them all? I don’t know! And I can’t think of any more slasher title-related puns, either!

So there you go. I’ve done movies, I’ve done TV shows and I’ve done books... Tune in tomorrow when Sham Shocktober reviews your MOM!


Anonymous said...

I just came across this book myself recently. It does look intriguing. Currently, I'm in a "trash" novel phase, reading LOTS of Jackie Collins, and currenlty reading a book called Beverly Hills where the lead guy is, like, Robert Redford hot, but if only he had a mullet (seriously!). But thanks for the reminder on this one. I love horror books. You're right, the slasher concept doesn't usually work in novel format, or perhaps its that it hasn't really been attempted enough.

Ross Horsley said...

Strangely, my tastes veer away from horror where reading is concerned (unless we're talking ghost stories or Stephen King). But I'm really intrigued by The Literary Six. I hope it has mullets in it, though.