Monday 6 October 2008

Day 6: Sheitan

Vincent Cassel. Is. Scary. One minute he’s goofing around like a silly French puppy; the next, BAM! Your teeth are halfway down your gullet, your feet are encased in cement, and you find yourself flying off the end of a jetty somewhere sur la Seine. That’s why I wouldn’t want to run into Vincent Cassel on a dark night – which is exactly what happens to the young cast of Sheitan, who encounter Cassel dressed as a shepherd on their way home from a nightclub. But this shepherd is one sheep short of a flock, and the friends are soon fighting for survival at a remote country house.

I’m itching to see Sheitan, which is strangely apt because one of its plot keywords at the Internet Movie Database is Scratching. I’ve no idea how “scratching” fits into the story (perhaps Vincent’s sheep have fleas) but the rest of the keywords include: Threesome, Disco, Female Nudity, Puppet, Bathtub, Locust, Hair Pulling, Blood, Goat, Christmas, Incest... Now, can you honestly say you have anything better to do than watch this movie right now?


Fox said...

Eww. I don't wanna spoil anything for ya, but I will put my two cents in by saying that I very much dislike this movie. However, I am prone to disliking almost everything that is Frenchie horror.

I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts on this post-viewing.

Anonymous said...

The title looks like Sade is saying Satan. Like Shay-tan. I dunno. If I am afraid to pronounce it, the likelyhood of me seeing it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with Fox - I like French Horror (or used to Martyrs, Inside, and Frontiers all sucked) and love Cassel, but Sheitan is pretty bad.