Sunday 18 January 2009

My bloody idiocy

Thanks to my own stupid stupidity (i.e. not booking tickets), I managed to miss out on catching My Bloody Valentine 3D on opening night this weekend, but the seats are now booked for Sunday and nothing short of a pickaxe in each eye socket will prevent me from watching it. After the glowing reviews from Final Girl and Vince A. Liaguno, it’s safe to say my expectations are pretty goshdarn high so, if I do come out of the cinema disappointed tomorrow, well, I’ll be very disappointed indeed.

The one upside of staying in was that I discovered The Paranormal Channel on Sky Digital. Being owned by Yvette Fielding of Most Haunted fame, I thought it was just a load of fake ghost documentaries and... okay, it is really, but they’ve also started showing some pretty decent films around midnight each night. Recently there’s been How Awful About Allan, The Bat and The House of Seven Corpses (the latter of which I included in Sham Shocktober last year). And coming up this week are Demons, Night of the Living Dead, The Corpse Grinders and – wait for it – Night Train to Terror! Maybe I’ll stay in tomorrow night after all.*

*As IF!


Nik Holmes said...

Fantastic, thanks for the tip off, shall keep an eye on this one. I'll just assume all these movies will be betamax quality as with the horror channel, but then again doesn't that just add to the old school quality of some of these movies...

Lord Babeco said...

Sorry, I know that is not the right place but I can´t find a mail contact.

Hello my name is Francisco Calvelo and I directed the short film "Vampire Prison" (Santiago de sangre) produced by Perro Verde Films (Zombie Western, Going Nuts, the Missing Lynx) and starring Eloy Azorín (All about my mother). I would like to invite you to see it.


Ross Horsley said...

Looks interesting, Babeco. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the link!