Sunday 4 January 2009

DVDs I bought in Vegas!

* Can you believe the only one of these films currently available on DVD in the UK is Mommie Dearest? And our edition lacks the John Waters commentary found on the US disk! Is it any wonder I double-dipped?

** The ones I’ve never seen: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, Sweet Sixteen, Return to Sleepaway Camp, Demonia, Death to the Supermodels, Doom Asylum, Knock Knock, C.H.U.D., Wet Gold, Valley Girl, Death Wish 4, Half Moon Street, Mausoleum and Blood Song... See you in February sometime!

In other recent DVD acquisition-related news of mine, how fucking fantastic is the Australian killer-crocodile flick Rogue?! Seriously. Being one of four croco-shockers to come out in 2007 (the others being Blackwater, Croc and Primeval, the latter of which was renamed Primeval Kill in the UK... y’know, to distinguish it from Primeval Cuddle), Rogue sorta sank to the bottom of the swamp. But now I’ve fished it out and witnessed its brilliance, I just want to grab its scaly hand and dance with it until... well, sometime tomorrow morning at least, assuming it lets go for toilet and snack breaks.

Of 2007’s other croc-flicks, I’ve managed to catch the more modestly budgeted Blackwater and thought it pretty good – but, really, it can’t hold a candle to Rogue. And if it tried, that bad-ass reptile would probably leap up and bite its motherfucking hand right OFF! Yes, Rogue is surely the ultimate crocodile movie: suspenseful, creepy and darkly funny, with a surprisingly convincing monster. I loved it. Now, how about four decent shark movies for 2009, please?


Anonymous said...

You got some great flicks. Death Wish IV is one of my all time favorite films. Bronson looks amazing and I like to think of the him as the "bumbling vigilante" this time around. I've seen that movie at least 10 times.

I can't believe you've never seen Valley Girl. You are in for some treat. It's an amazing film that's really stood the test of time.

Mausoleum stars Marjoe Gortner so you can't go wrong there. Honestly, I'm not sure you bought a bad film (well, that Death to the Supermodels is unbearable, but that might just be me!).


Johnny said...

Rogue was awesome. Best killer croc movie of all time in my opinion!

Ross Horsley said...

Johnny -- It was actually your review of Rogue that got me onto it. Good call!

Amanda -- Thanks for the thoughts. I'm sure I'll love Death Wish 4 as much as the first three, and Valley Girl was a steal at $3.99.

Johnny said...

Oh wow that's awesome! Glad I could pass that one along to ya!

PIPER said...

The fetish doll from Trilogy Of Terror still haunts my sleeping life.